Solar Lights / SOPL18W
Solar Opal Pillar Light 18 Watt Warm White / Cool White


Key Specifications:


Solar Panel Battery Charging Time Working Time LED Wattage LED Lifetime Light Color Viewing Angle Automatic Dimmable feature Installation Material
6V 6W, lifespan: 15 years LiFePO4, 3.2V, 10 Ah, lifespan: 5-6 years 7-8 hours 1 night 18W, brightness: 2016 lumens 50,000 hours Warm White, temperature: 3300-6000K 360° On/Off functionality yes Suitable for any flat surface or post/pillars ABS
Continuous illumination regardless of rainy or cloudy days.
Working temperature range: -20 to 60°C.
Two working modes for customizable illumination.
Utilizes a high-efficiency LiFePO4 battery, commonly found in electric cars and home electronics.
Integrated design for easy transportation.


This product is virtually maintenance-free. However, in areas with high dust accumulation, it’s recommended to clean the solar panel every 1-2 months to ensure efficient charging. Installing the light at a certain angle can facilitate natural cleaning during the rainy season.


Solar Opal Pillar Lights find applications in various outdoor settings, including gardens, lawns, pathways, parks, private gardens, house gates, courtyards, and fences. They enhance safety, facilitate outdoor activities, and add aesthetic value to outdoor spaces.

Box Contents

Integrated Solar Opal Pillar Light with inbuilt battery and solar panel 3 x Screws with Plastic Sleeve Remote Control
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