Solar Lights / PSL50W
Solar Street Light 50 Watt Nightjars Series with MPPT Controller


Key Specifications:

Solar Panel Battery Type LED Wattage Lumens LED Lifetime Light Color Water Resistance Charge Type Charging Time Working Time Automatic On/Off Switch Installation Height Installation Distance Installation
100W (25-year lifespan) LiFePO4, 12.8V, 75Ah (8-12 year lifespan) 50W 8200 LM >50,000 Hours Cool White IP65 Solar 6-8 Hours (Solar) 1 Night Yes 5-6 Meters 10-15 Meters Pole or Wall (Preferred pole diameter: 2 inch GI Pole or 2.5 Inch MS Pole)


Unidirectional LED design ensures effective illumination.
Flame retardant lamp body with IP65 protection grade ensures durability.
Wind resistance coefficient of 8 and seismic coefficient of seven for stability.
Environmentally friendly with no UV, IR, or radiation emissions.
Long lifespan and high efficiency driven by advanced control and power management.
Water-resistant design ensures reliable performance in diverse conditions.


Solar Nightjars street lights are versatile, illuminating various locations such as highways, roadways, public squares, sidewalks, residential complexes, airports, stadiums, courtyards, gardens, decks, playgrounds, construction sites, schools, colleges, factories, and remote areas.
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