Solar Lights / OWL30W
Solar Owl Street Light 30 Watt LED Chip Motion Sensor


Key Specifications:

Solar Panel Battery Type LED Chip Wattage IP Level Working Temperature LED Lifetime Viewing Angle Light Color Installation Height Installation Distance Dimmable Automatic
6V, 8W LiFePO4, 3.2V, 6 Ah 30 W, 2200 LM 65 Water Resistance -20 to 60°C >50000 Hrs 120° Pure/Cool White, 5000-6000K >4~5 Meters 4~5 Meters Yes ON/OFF Switch


Continuous operation during rainy or cloudy days
Suitable for installation from Equator to Polar region
Integrated design for easy installation
High-efficiency LiFePO4 battery with a lifespan of 5-6 years
Automatic ON/OFF switch for convenience
Dimmable light feature for adjustable brightness
Elegant and modern design with ABS body material


Versatile lighting solution for outdoor spaces such as gated communities, gardens, decks, pathways, and backyards.
Ideal for providing illumination in remote areas with limited access to the electrical grid.

Included in Box:

All in One Solar Street Light with Inbuilt battery and solar panel + ARM.
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