Solar Emergency Lights

Solar Lights / Solar Emergency Lights

Solar Emergency Lights

Solar emergency lights are compact lighting solutions designed to provide illumination in the absence of regular power supply. They are versatile, portable, and can be used indoors and outdoors, making them essential for various applications.




Features and Advantages

Solar emergency lights offer several features and advantages, including compactness, portability, lightweight design, maintenance-free operation, durability, built-in lithium-ion or lead acid battery, uniform light emission, waterproof solar panel, elegant design, multiple charging options, and multipurpose usage.

Types of Solar Emergency Lights

a. Solar Emergency Tube Lights: These lights come in different wattage and lumens and consist of LED light, in-built battery with controller, and solar panel. They offer adjustable brightness levels, SOS mode for hazard signaling, and can function as a power bank for charging devices.

b. Solar Home Light System or DC Kit: This kit includes LED bulbs, solar panel, in-built rechargeable battery with controller, USB slot for charging devices, and user manual. It provides illumination for indoor and outdoor use and offers protection against overvoltage and overcurrent.

c. Solar LED Spotlight or Torch: Widely used for commercial and domestic operations, these lights come with a solar panel, spotlight, charging port, on/off switch, and multiple charging options. They offer high-intensity illumination and can be charged using solar energy or electricity.

Installation and Usage

Solar emergency lights are easy to transport and convenient to use due to their simplicity. They can be charged using solar energy or electricity, making them suitable for use in different temperatures and climates. With their versatility, they can be used for home security, rescue operations, outdoor activities, and more.


Regular maintenance of solar emergency lights involves occasional cleaning of the solar panel and light fixture to ensure efficient charging and performance. Cleaning should be done using a damp cloth or soft brush, avoiding harsh detergents.


Solar emergency lights are essential accessories for every home, offering dependable illumination during power outages or outdoor activities. With their compact design, multiple charging options, and durable construction, they provide a cost-effective and sustainable lighting solution for various applications.
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