Solar Lights / SEHL3W
Solar Emergency Home Light with 3 Bulb


Backup Time

Bulb: 9 Hours
Bulbs: 6 Hours
Bulbs: 3 Hours

Key Specifications:

Solar Panel Battery Type Battery Capacity Charge Type Charging Time Working Time LED Wattage LED Lifetime Light Color and Temperature Number of Bulbs Viewing Angle Water Resistance IP Level On/ Off switch Material - Body Product Color Weight Product Dimensions
9V 3.5W (15-year lifespan) Lead-Acid (6V) 4.5 Ah (4~5-year lifespan) Solar 4 Hours 3~9 Hours 3 W >50000 Hrs Cool White, 5000-6000K 1 180° 65 Available Aluminium + PC + ABS Green & Blue 745 g Height: 94 mm, Width: 61 mm, Breadth: 126 mm

Product Features

Reliable operation, ensuring continuous illumination regardless of weather conditions.
Suitable for installation in diverse geographical regions, from equatorial zones to polar regions.
Wide operating temperature range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius, ensuring functionality in various climates.
Super bright SMD2835 LEDs with a soft light beam and no glare, providing comfortable illumination.
Smart driver with overvoltage and overcurrent protection for enhanced safety. Utilizes a high-efficiency Lead-acid battery commonly found in emergency lighting and electric vehicles.
Integrated design for easy transportation and installation.


This versatile light is ideal for use in non-electrified rural areas, offering emergency lighting in homes, commercial establishments, parking sheds, and resorts.
It enhances safety and provides a clean source of illumination for various public areas.

Included in Box

Solar Panel, Power Bank, 3 LED Bulbs and 2 meter wires.
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