Solar Lights / NGSL40W
Solar Street Light 40 Watt Nightjars Series with MPPT Controller


Key Specifications:

Solar Panel Battery Type LED Wattage Lumens LED Lifetime Viewing Angle Light Color Water Resistance Charging Time Working Time Auto On/Off Feature Installation Height Installation Distance Installation
80W, 25-year lifespan LiFePO4, 3.2V, 160Ah, 4-6 year lifespan 40W 6400 LM >50,000 Hrs 120° Pure/Cool White, 6000K IP65 6-8 Hours (Solar) 1 Night Yes 4-5 Meters 10-15 Meters Pole or Wall (Preferred pole diameter: 2.5 inch MS Pole, 2 inch GI Pole, OD 60 MM)


Automatic ON/OFF functionality ensures hassle-free operation, activating the light at dusk and adjusting brightness levels throughout the night.
Robust construction and modular design enable easy installation and maintenance, making it suitable for various outdoor environments.
Water-resistant with an IP65 rating, Solar Nightjars is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any climate.


Solar Nightjars is ideal for illuminating highways, streets, stadiums, parks, gardens, and remote areas, enhancing safety and visibility.
Suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications, including residential areas, commercial complexes, public spaces, and industrial sites.
Its versatile design and durable construction make it a practical choice for both urban and rural environments, providing efficient lighting solutions where grid power is unavailable or unreliable.
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