Solar Lights / SELTL5W
Solar Emergency Tube Light 5 Watt


Key Specifications:

Item Type Solar Emergency Tube Light
Product Color White
Water Resistance IP Level 65
Solar Panel
Wattage 2W
Lifespan 15 Years
Type Li-ion
Voltage 3.7V
Capacity 2600 mAh
Lifespan 5-6 Years
Wattage 5W
Lumens 400 LM
Lifetime >50000 Hrs
Viewing Angle 180°
Color Temperature Cool White (5000-6000K)
Number of Bulbs 1
Switch ON and OFF Switch Available
Material Aluminium + PC + ABS
Style Modern, Compact Elegant Appearance
Product Color Green & Blue
Product Weight 427g
Box Weight 561g
Product Weight 427g
Product Dimensions
Height 22 CM
Width 3.2 CM
Breadth 3.2 CM
Solar Panel Dimensions
Height 16.6 CM
Width 14 CM
Breadth 1.5 CM


Continuous Illumination: The light remains on even during rainy or cloudy days, ensuring constant illumination.
Wide Range of Application: Suitable for use from Equator areas to Polar regions, with a working temperature range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.
Low Voltage Design: Operates at 7V, ensuring safety and reliability.
Versatile Installation: Equipped with a concealed hook, NdFeB magnets, and lanyards for easy installation in various settings.
High-Brightness LEDs: Utilizes super bright SMD2835 LEDs with a soft light beam and no glare, ensuring efficient illumination.
Smart Driver with Protection: Features a smart driver with overvoltage and overcurrent IC protection for enhanced safety.
High-Efficiency Battery: Powered by a high-efficiency Li-ion battery, known for its longevity and reliability.
Integrated Package: Comes in an integrated package with convenient transportation options.

Additionally, the Solar Emergency Tube Light offers

Energy saving benefits by harnessing sunlight as a clean and unlimited energy source.
Environmentally friendly operation with no pollution, noise, or radiation.
Safety features with a lower voltage power supply and Li-ion battery protection against overcharging and discharging.
Maintenance-free operation, with only occasional cleaning of the solar panel required.
Portable and high-end usage, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
Elegant and modern design, providing compact and handy lighting solutions for any environment.


Ideal for use in non-electrified rural areas, this light serves as an emergency lighting system in both residential and commercial settings, including housing establishments, car parking sheds, resorts, and public areas.
Its clean energy source enhances safety and provides reliable illumination, contributing to sustainable development initiatives.

Included in Box

Integrated Solar Emergency Tube Light, 2 Meter Wire, USB Cable
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