Solar Lights / SEMPL2W
Solar European Pathway Light


Key Specifications:

Solar Panel Battery Type Battery Capacity Charge Type Working Time LED MCD Viewing Angle ON/OFF Switch Design Material Product Color Dimmable Lens Installation Distance Installation
2V, 10-Year Lifespan Nickel Metal Hydride 500mAh, Lifespan: 2 Years Solar, Charging Time: 9-10 Hours 6 Hours 15000, Lifetime: 50000 Hours 360°, Light Color: Warm White Automatic ABS, Style: Modern Black & White Automatic ABS Glass 1 Meter Any Flat Surface


Continuous operation regardless of rainy or cloudy conditions
Working temperature range: -20 to 60°C
Protection against overcharging/discharge
Integrated design for convenient transportation.


Widely used in outdoor areas such as gardens, lawns, pathways, terraces, parks, courtyards, landscapes, and decks. It enhances safety, adds aesthetic value, and serves as focal points in outdoor settings.

Included in Box

Integrated Solar Vintage Pathway Light with Inbuilt Battery, Solar Panel, 1 PC Pole, and Spike.

Product Weight and Dimensions:

Box Weight Total Box Weight Total Product Weight
128 gm 488 gm 180 gm

Box Dimension

Height Width Breadth
16.5 cm 13 cm 22 cm

Product Dimension

Height Width Breadth
40 cm 11 cm 11 cm
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